SECRET PEARL 925 silver Pearl Ring

99,90 €

The Secret Pearls ring in rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver decorated with precious stones. The centerpiece of the composition is a magnificent pearl of perfect spherical shape. Cubic zirconia crystals of various colors complement the design: white - 8 pcs., blue - 14 pcs. and champagne colors - 10 pcs.

A jewelry from the Sea Treasure collection is an amazing delicate work. Incredible stories come to life in it. Looking at the ring, a fabulous forest appears, in the depths of which a magic pearl is hidden, concealing the secret of the universe. It stores secret knowledge, truths, to which only a chosen one can reach, having passed all the trials.

From ancient times, pearls were considered a symbol of rebirth. They were associated with femininity, chastity, and perfection. It is a sign of light, purity and spiritual wisdom. A ring with white pearls creates a beautiful feminine radiant look. The look of a female riddle causing increased interest in men. Hiding secrets that I definitely want to solve. Temperament and tenderness, inner strength and beauty - this is what Secret Pearls jewelry wants to tell us.

  • Collection: Sea Treasures, Butterfly
  • Style: Luxury;
  • Type: Rings;
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver; Rhodium plating;
  • Insert: stone Pearls; Color White (1 pc.),
  • Stone Cubic Zirconia CZ; Color White (8 pcs.); Color Blue (14 pcs.), Champagne Color (10 pcs.)
  • Stone shape: Round;
  • Jewelry weight: About 3.49 g.
  • Size: 9.36 (Width);
  • Manual work: Handmade Jewelry Finishing.

We will send your jewelry in a nice gift box: with a cleaning cloth for caring for it, in a box or storage bag and shipping packaging.

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