TROPICAL PARROT 925 silver Enamel Necklace

89,90 €

The TROPICAL PARROT necklace pleases the eye with bright colors. The Wildlife collection invites you to discover the evergreen jungle and unravel the mysteries of the mysterious world of natural nature. Jewelry surprises with a variety of rich colors of precious enamel. When you look at this treasure, your mood rises. A cheerful bird charges with positive and optimism. The precious stones sparkle with a dazzling brilliance: emerald spinel adorns the prying eye, white zirconium shines on the wings, and 925 sterling silver perfectly completes the extraordinary design.
Such a necklace will suit creative people who strive like a bird up to the heavens. It personifies freedom and endless possibilities.
The jewelry can be complemented with a silver ring from this series. Together or separately, they will decorate a summer dress, become a wonderful element of everyday wardrobe or a festive outfit.

  • Collection: Safari
  • Style: Trend;
  • Type: Necklace / Pendant / Pendant;
  • Material: 925 sterling silver;
  • Insert: Hot enamel,
  • Spinel stone; Color Emerald (1 pc.),
  • Cubic Zirconia Stone CZ, White (14 pcs.); Cut: Round;
  • Item Weight: About 2.74g.
  • Size: 13.93mm (Length) x 29.91mm (Height)
  • Manual work: Hand set, hand finished and hand final check quality control.

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