CHARMING SPIDER 925 silver Spinel Necklace

119,90 €

The unusual CHARMING SPIDER pendant is represented by the Wildlife collection. It is made of 925 sterling silver and rhodium plated. 42 black spinel stones and 27 white cubic zirconia crystals adorn the spider and shimmer mysteriously with every movement. An eight-legged spider is a symbol of the feminine principle, a white web is a symbol of the universe. The weaver, the Great Mother, embroiders the patterns of fate with a precious thread. A CHARMING SPIDER jewelry for those who are not afraid to create. For those who weave their own destiny. Spinel is a stone of strong-willed people. It helps in business and brings good luck in all endeavors. The pendant will highlight the natural beauty of the eyes. Thanks to natural precious stones, it will enhance the innate charm and draw special attention to the person. This charming accessory will complement your everyday look and add a sophisticated accent to it. Complete with a ring, it will decorate your evening wardrobe and will be suitable for a bright party outfit.

  • Collection: Safari;
  • Style: Luxury;
  • Type: Necklaces & Pendants;
  • Material: 925 sterling silver, rhodium plated
  • Insert: Spinel stone; Color Black (42 pcs.); Cubic zirconia Stone CZ, white (27 pcs.);
  • Stone shape: Round;
  • Jewelry weight: About 1.7g.
  • Size: 14.92mm (Length) × 22.41mm (Height);
  • Manual work: Handmade Jewelry Finishing.

We will send your jewelry in a nice gift box: with a cleaning cloth for caring for it, in a box or storage bag and shipping packaging.

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