The CROCO BAMBOO MINI shoulder bag

89,90 €

The CROCO BAMBOO MINI shoulder bag is presented in crocodile print leather. It presents details in the form of a metal spike decorated with natural bamboo. It comes with a gold metal link strap which can be removed or even worn as a jewel. The comfortable mini bag is not so mini inside, it allows you to always have your mobile, lipstick, glasses and a wallet at hand.
Crocodile print leather is first polished to make it smoother, then placed under vacuum pressure to compact the fibers and printed to create the crocodile look. The skin is polished by hand to create the chiaroscuro effect on the scales.

This elegant and striking shoulder bag can be combined with the Zigzag or Ethnic textile strap to take it from a chic look to a boho look but always Glamor and Luxurious by Tulipan.

(It is not included in the price of the shoulder strap and is sold separately)

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