BLUE DRAGONFLY 925 silver Enamel Necklace

99,90 €

The unusual BLUE DRAGONFLY necklace is handmade from 925 sterling silver. Natural stones delight with a dazzling play of light, iridescence and shine. The jewelry is encrusted with 18 cubic zirconia crystals, which are the standard of beauty, purity and color. A bright and tempting jewelry that makes you fall in love at first sight.

The rich summer colors of the enamel amaze with their beauty. A charming dragonfly - the center of the composition - graceful and graceful. Delicate and weak in appearance, she is a symbol of inner strength and personifies women, just as fragile, but strong in spirit.

The necklace is perfect for a festive look, adorns a light summer dress or complements a bow in a romantic style. In combination with the BLUE DRAGONFLY ring, it will become a special set in the jewelry collection.

  • Collection: Eden Gardens;
  • Style: Trend;
  • Type: Ring;
  • Material: 925 sterling silver;
  • Insert: Stoving enamel;
  • Crystal, Color Blue;
  • Cubic Zirconia Stone, White Color (18 pcs);
  • Jewelry weight: About 3.62 g.
  • Size: 44.41 mm (Height) x 18.07 mm (Length)
  • Manual work.

We will send your jewelry in a nice gift box: with a cleaning cloth for caring for it, in a box or storage bag and shipping packaging..

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