BLUE DRAGONFLY 925 silver Enamel Ring

119,90 €

The unusual BLUE DRAGONFLY ring is handmade of 925 sterling silver. Natural stones delight with a dazzling play of light on the edges, tints and shine. The jewelry is encrusted with 18 cubic zirconia stones, which are the standard of beauty, purity and color. A bright and tempting jewelry that makes you fall in love at first sight.

The rich summer colors of the enamel amaze with their beauty. The charming dragonfly is the center of the composition - elegant and graceful. Delicate and weak on the surface, she is a symbol of inner strength and personifies women who are just as fragile, but strong in spirit.
The ring is perfect for a festive look, decorates a light summer dress or complements a bow in a romantic style. In combination with BLUE DRAGONFLY earrings, they will become a special set in the jewelry collection.

  • Collection: Eden Gardens;
  • Style: Trend;
  • Type: Ring;
  • Material: 925 sterling silver;
  • Insert: Stoving Enamel;
  • Cubic Zirconia Stone, White Color (18 pcs);
  • Jewelry weight: About 6.67 g.
  • Size: 24.21 mm (Height) x 26.25 mm (Length)
  • Manual work.

We will send your jewelry in a nice gift box: with a cleaning cloth for caring for it, in a box or storage bag and shipping packaging..

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