The people (hereinafter, the "Participants") who participate in this CONTEST (hereinafter, the "CONTEST") expressly and without reservation accept all the conditions and terms of these legal bases, as well as the decisions made by the organizers regarding their application and interpretation. Otherwise, they must not participate in the CONTEST. The purpose of this CONTEST, taking into account its commercial and promotional nature, is to publicize and disseminate the products of and collect personal data for future marketing and advertising actions.

If you do not agree with the processing of your personal data for this commercial and promotional purpose, please refrain from continuing the process of participation in this CONTEST.

A. General Information

  1. Tulipan Jewelry ("the Organizers"), organize this CONTEST (commercial marketing and advertising action) in international territory called "First Tulipan Jewelry CONTEST" (hereinafter "CONTEST").

  2. The Organizers reserve the right to postpone, cancel, modify the rules, repeat or terminate the CONTEST at any time if exceptional circumstances occur, communicating in the profile of Corriente Eléctrica such circumstances so as to avoid any harm to the participants in the CONTEST.

B. Participants

  1. Any natural person, of legal age (over 18 years) residing in the European Union (Spain, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla), the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Monaco, whose Data must duly accredit the Organizers due to the logistical issue at the present time. For the purposes of the promotion, only the participations that have been entered complying with all the requirements in a truthful way will be considered valid. Inaccurate data or data that are not in force on the date of the CONTEST will not be accepted. Participants who do not meet all the requirements indicated in these CONTEST bases will not be entitled to a prize.

  2. The participant must demonstrate, at the CONTEST or at any time during the CONTEST, at the request of the Organizers and within a reasonable time, that he meets the necessary conditions to participate in the CONTEST. Otherwise, the Organizers may disqualify you at any time and / or withhold or withdraw the prize you have obtained.

  3. The term during which you can participate in the CONTEST will start at 00:00 and, and will end at 23:59 (EU time) on the day published on the contest post description, from the moment access to participation in the Instagram profile is activated (https: // www. and Facebook ( of @tulipanjewelrystore.

  4. The choice of the prize winner will take place on the day published on the contest post description, once the participation period has closed, as detailed in letter D. of these Legal Bases.

  5. The development, participation and execution of this CONTEST will be carried out through computer means on the social network, “Instagram” (Instagram Inc, 1601 Willow Rd Menlo Park, California 94025-1452 United States) and “Facebook !, being free access and free for all users who have an account / profile on Instagram.

a.Participants may participate as many times as they wish, according to the rules specified here, but their participation will only count one (1) time, so each participant will enter the CONTEST only one (1) time. Participation in the CONTEST must be done personally by the interested party to participate in it, in no case will registrations made by third parties be accepted.

b. Participation in the CONTEST is carried out through the social network Instagram and Facebook @tulipanjewelrystore, through any electronic desktop, portable or mobile device, with an internet connection and software to display websites or run computer applications (app), being The participant's account is the cost of the internet connection from the electronic device. CONTEST participants must meet all the requirements and conditions of Instagram ( and Facebook ( to have an account / profile on the social network and publish content, and in no case shall the Organizers be responsible for any connection problems that the participants may have in order to participate satisfactorily throughout the different phases / stages of the CONTEST.

  • Each participant can only win one (1) prize regardless of the number of participations they would have made.

  • In no case will participation in the CONTEST imply a cost for the participant, except for the usual internet connection fee, which will be borne by the participant.

  • The non-observance of any of the bases detailed here will allow the Organizers, in their sole discretion and at any time, to disqualify the contestant; Likewise, the Organizers reserve the exclusive right to deny the right to participate to the participants, if they consider that the conditions set forth herein have been violated.

  • In the event that the Organizers have a reasonable suspicion that a participant has incurred in fraud or dishonesty or does not meet the requirements to compete, they may refuse to pay the prize that corresponds to it or to claim its return.

  • In case of error, misunderstanding or conflict in relation to the operation of any part of the CONTEST, or in relation to the performance of the participants, the decision made by the Organizers in this regard will be conclusive and final.

  • The Organizers reserve the power to make the necessary decisions for the normal development of this CONTEST, each of the participants expressly accepting them.

  • The Organizers will not be in any way responsible for the breaches or infractions of any kind related to this CONTEST, and it is exempt from any type of responsibility in case of loss suffered by the participants in relation to the prizes and other aspects of this CONTEST.

  • The participant exempts from any type of responsibility and will hold the Organizers harmless from any claim as a consequence of the damages that may arise from the activity that will be carried out in relation to the prize awarded.

C. Dynamics

To participate in the CONTEST, in addition to fulfilling the general requirements and conditions described below, participants must take into account the following characteristics:

  1. Participants MUST NOT OBLIGATORY be followers of the @tulipanjewelrystore Instagram profile and / or be followers of the @tulipanjewelrystore Facebook profile, we only recommend it to not lose any information.

  2. Participants must played last published GAME mantennind its conditions.

  3. Liked the last five (5) posts the @tulipanjewelrystore Instagram profile and / or Facebook profile.

  4. They should NOT necessarily mention in their comments their friends who have helped them in the publication of the GAME hosted on the Instagram profile of Tulipan Jewelry (@tulipanjewelrystore), we only recommend it to them can enjoy the game and enjoy the process.

  5. In the case if, additionally, the participant or his friends who have helped him will want to opt for the additional BONUS that is offered, they should be followers of Tulipán Jewelry in the instagram profile and / or facebook (@tulipanjewelrystore) depending on where they are. participating, have more likes, comments and mentions in your comment extremely.

  6. Participation in accordance with the requirements specified in the previous point supposes the recognition and acceptance of the present Legal Bases, thus passing to participate in the CONTEST. For the purposes of this CONTEST, only the person who participates personally fulfilling each of the requirements specified in this section C. Dynamics will be considered a participant.

  7. The Legal Bases of the CONTEST will be available on the website TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM and the link to the Tulipan Jewelry page will be communicated in the post of the CONTEST published by Tulipan Jewelry.

D. Winners

  1. There will be three (3) winners who will be chosen on the basis of the greatest number of likes along with responses to their comment among all those who participate in the CONTEST during the validity period thereof. The election will be held on the mentioned day in the published CONTEST post and its result will be announced that same day on Tulipan Jewelry's Instagram or/and Facebook profile story. A total of three (9) alternates will also be chosen from all those who have correctly mentioned in the winning comment. The order of the alternates chosen will be that of their mention in the winning comment in the CONTEST.

  2. In addition to the public announcement on the Tulipan Jewelry profile, the winner will try to communicate the award award on the same day of the election through their profile on the social network Instagram or Facebook within two (2) calendar days from the end of the CONTEST. The winner will have to accept their prize expressly within 48 hours after the communication of the prize. The winner may renounce the prize obtained, but in no case will it be redeemable for any financial amount.

  3. In the event that the winner is not contacted within two (2) calendar days for any reason or if the winner has not accepted the prize, the winner will lose the opportunity to enjoy the prize. The Organizers reserve the capacity to replace it by the following participants, by strict, following the same order of participation of the same in the CONTEST.

  4. Due to their participation, the winner agrees to participate in any public relations action, as well as the inclusion of their name and image in the network of web pages and social networks in press releases / press releases and / or in any advertising material or promotional that is made by Tulipan Jewelry.

E. Awards

  1. The prize will consist of mentioned Prizes for winners and Bonuses for mentioned friends* in the published CONTEST post. 

  2. The prizes and bonuses of the CONTEST indicated above is subject to availability, and the winner will not be confirmed until the supplier of the prize. If it is not available, Tulipán Jewelry undertakes to replace it with another of similar characteristics. In no case will the prize be substituted for money.

  3. The discount cannot be combined with other discounts and promotional codes and does not apply to Outlet and products discounts.

*:to receive her bonus, the friends must follow @tulipanjewelrystore PREVENT HER THIS. If the author of the victorious comment has fulfilled all the conditions, the marked friend is not subscribed to @TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE, only the author of the comment will receive. 

F. Reservations, operating limitations and communications

  1. Tulipan Jewelry will not be responsible for the inability of the participants to access their account / profile of Tulipan Jewelry on Instagram or Facebook to participate in the CONTEST, for errors or failures in connections and communications over the Internet. Neither of the unavailability or malfunction of Instagram or Facebook.

  2. Tulipan Jewelry is not responsible for the malfunction and errors that may arise when participating in the CONTEST, interruptions, deletion or non-identification by Tulipan Jewelry of the participations through Instagram, not to mention three profiles in the publication of Tulipan Jewelry in the term of participation in the CONTEST, not being a follower of the Profile on Instagram or Facebook, Tulipan Jewelry not being able to locate the participant's comments to be made in another post / content other than the one they should comment on.

  3. Nor will it be the responsibility of Tulipan Jewelry not to be able to communicate with any winner because after receiving this private message through Instagram, they do not answer or contact Tulipan Jewelry within the established period, or because the contact information provided by the winner is wrong , incomplete or unattended messages sent by Tulipan Jewelry to the winner's contact information. Tulipan Jewelry will not be obliged to inform the participants that they have lost their right to the prize.

  4. Tulipan Jewelry reserves the right to modify the dates of participation and the legal bases of the CONTEST without prejudice to the participations already computed until the time of making the changes. These legal bases may also be updated for errors or omissions in their content or for the correct interpretation and / or application of these. Being Tulipan Jewelry only obliged to communicate the modifications or updates in the means of participation in the CONTEST. 

G. Basic Information on Data Protection.

  1. Participants consent to the processing of their personal data by the mere fact of participating in the CONTEST, being the consent to participate in this CONTEST the basis of legitimization of the treatments.

  2. The personal data provided must be true, current and own.

  3. Responsible for the Treatment: The entity responsible for the treatment of personal data are Tulipan Jewelry and contact email

  4. Purposes and legitimation: The personal data that the participants provide to participate in the CONTEST, as well as those that may be generated in the future or to obtain / enjoy the prize will be processed, based on their consent, for the following purposes:

(i)  To be able to carry out the maintenance, compliance, development and management of this CONTEST;

(ii) Contact the winners and publish your username in the Tulipan Jewelry account / profile on Instagram and Facebook as winners of the CONTEST, include your name and image on the Tulipan Jewelry website and social media network as well as in notes / announcements press and / or in any advertising or promotional material that is produced by Tulipan Jewelry; verification of compliance with the conditions to be a participant and winner; to present the prizes; comply with tax obligations.

The personal data of the participant and third parties included in their photographs / videos / texts of participation in the PROMOTION will also be processed for publication in the media used by Tulipan Jewelry, social networks and web pages to publicize the PROMOTION.

(iv) Perform statistics on the products and services of the Brand.

If you do not agree with the processing of your personal data for this commercial and promotional purpose, please refrain from continuing the process of participation in the PROMOTION.

The participants and the winners consent to the personal data treatments described by the mere fact of participating in the CONTEST, being the consent to participate in this CONTEST the basis of legitimization of the treatments.

The personal data provided must be true, current and own.

Recipients: No data will be transferred to third parties except legal obligation.

Conservation term: The participation data will be processed until the end of this CONTEST.

Rights: You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, opposition and portability, sending a copy of your ID by sending an email to the email address: and you can oppose the receipt of commercial communications by electronic means by sending an email with the word "LOW" in the subject to the address:

Any claim about the treatment of your data must be submitted to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection C / Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 Madrid (

Additional Information: You can consult additional and detailed information on personal data protection in the link "Privacy Policy" 

H. Responsibilities and disqualification

  1. The responsible for the proper functioning of the promotion is @tulipanjewejrystore.

  2. Tulipan Jewelry is not responsible for the consequences derived from the enjoyment of the prize by the winner, as well as for the expenses that each winner must bear to enjoy the prize, nor for any other circumstances beyond Tulipan Jewelry.

  3. Tulipan Jewelry reserves the right to disqualify all participants who act abusively and fraudulently, and any participant or winner who deceives, hides or falsifies the participation data, the same person with different identities participates, falsifies or manipulates the participation procedure or breach any of the conditions of these Legal Bases. In the event of any fact or suspicion on the part of Tulipan Jewelry or organizing or collaborating companies in carrying out the CONTEST that any participant, or third parties, are altering any participation for the benefit of any participant through any procedure, said participant will be disqualified, even in the In the event that you manage to participate or have obtained the prize, Tulipan Jewelry is not obliged to notify said disqualification

  4. The Organizers are not responsible for any defect, error, operating problem, unforeseen event suffered by Instagram that prevents, or in any other way, damages or affects the participation of the participants in the CONTEST or the communication with the Organizers in the event of being the winner.

I. Rules and Policies of Instagram and Facebook

  1. Facebook and Instagram are exonerated from all responsibility by each contestant or participant; .

  2. The promotion is not sponsored, supported or managed by Facebook or Instagram, or associated in any way with Facebook or Instagram. 

  3. Facebook and Instagram do not provide help in managing the promotion.

These legal bases do not replace the Policies and terms of use of Instagram and Facebook, nor do they exempt from their compliance by the participant. The Organizers are not responsible for the consequences derived from the compliance of said policies by users derived from participation in this CONTEST. 

L. Deposit of the Bases

These bases are published in Tulipan Jewelry and available through the URL

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