Could I order multiple items to see products, test and compare them? 

We do not work with stock, each tulipanjewelrystore.com product must go through the production process depending on the customer's request options.

That is why we kindly ask customers to avoid shopping to compare and only request the item you really like by carefully checking the size of your desired garment before requesting. On our website you find very detailed recommendations and various guides so that you can choose your ideal jewel correctly:

На нашем сайте ты найдешь очень подробные рекомендации и различные руководства, чтобы ты могла правильно выбрать свой идеальный драгоценный украшение: 


See all collections   ☛    https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/3-collections

See all styles   ☛    https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/24-style

See all jewelry   ☛   https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/23-catalog

SIZE GUIDE   ☛   https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/content/category/3-size-guide

CARE GUIDE   ☛   https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/content/category/4-jewelry-care

MATERIALS GUIDE  ☛   https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/content/category/5-materials-handbook



How can I verify that my purchase has passed correctly? 

We always send an email to confirm that the purchase was successful:

Order confirmation

  • Receipt of order and payment: after that, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your order and payment.
  • Acceptance of an order in preparation: it will be confirmed by email with information that the order has been accepted for work within 48 hours of payment.
  • Purchase confirmation: an email with the corresponding invoice formalizes the contract for the sale of goods between TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM and the buyer.
  • Shipping confirmation: You will receive a notification as soon as the package leaves our facilities, and you will receive a tracking number at the email address you specified when ordering, indicating the delivery time.

More information about the purchase process and estimated delivery time in the

in the Payment and Delivery section  ☛   https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/content/5-payment_and_delivery.


How will I know if my order has been shipped? 

You will receive a Shipping Confirmation email to inform you when your order was shipped. If you do not receive these communications, please email us at support@tulipanjewelrystore.com We will contact you as soon as possible to resolve the incident.

More information about the purchase process and estimated delivery time

in the Payment and Delivery section   ☛   https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/content/5-payment_and_delivery.


Why didn't I receive a confirmation email for my order? 

If you are waiting for an email, but you have not received it, make sure that the payment has been made and that the payment is confirmed in your account on our website.

If you are sure that the transaction was successful, check your spam folder to ensure that the confirmation email has not been blocked by your inbox. Don't forget to add us to your secure email list, if you are using increased security settings for your inbox./span>

If you still can't see it, please contact our customer support team support@tulipanjewelrystore.com.

More information about the purchase process and estimated delivery time

in the «Payment and Delivery section»  ☛   https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/content/5-payment_and_delivery.


What should I do if my order is not processed? 

Verify that all the required fields have been completed correctly. Your billing address must be entered exactly as stated on your account statement. If you continue to have difficulties placing your order, please contact us support@tulipanjewerlystore.com

More information about the purchase process and estimated delivery time

in the «Payment and Delivery section »  ☛   https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/content/5-payment_and_delivery.


How long does it take to receive my order? 

Each product is customized and produced based on customer choice options. We do not work with inventory, each product must go through the production process. We continually work on improving production time to ensure we can deliver our products as soon as possible.

We have the commitment to Accept the order in 48 working hours from the moment of the Confirmation of receipt the order and the payment.

Before choosing a product on our website, calculate that an approximate time is approximate and may vary depending on: where in the world you want us to send your order, based on factory occupancy and number of pending orders at this time.

If you have an oncoming event or special occasion, you can also choose from several handling and delivery options to help you receive your product faster than standard delivery time. And also make an order in advance, taking into account possible delays.

More information about the Purchase process and Estimated delivery time in the   ☛  https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/content/5-payment_and_delivery

Important note

Due to the saturation of courier companies during times like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas and others, some shipments may experience a slight delay in delivery.



How can I change my delivery address? 

  • You can change your shipping address by entering your personal area in the shipping data section.
  • For security reasons, billing and delivery addresses cannot be changed after placing an order.
  • We deliver orders only to addresses of individuals or companies. If the order is to be delivered to an address other than the billing address, this alternate delivery address must be indicated when placing the order.
  • For shipments that are already in process you will have to wait to receive the delivery information from our logistics operator and manage the change.
  • Any change of address after shipment will have a possible extra cost that must be arranged with the logistics operator directly. 

More information about the purchase process and estimated delivery time

in the «Payment and Delivery section»  ☛   https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/content/5-payment_and_delivery.


How do I track my order? 

The tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as your item has been shipped.

You can update your order status in real time at all times.

To do this, open the Shipping Confirmation email you received when your order was shipped, in which we will provide you with information to track your order.

You can track your orders by entering your personal area in the Order information section.

You also check the status of your order, for this you need to indicate your email address and order ID received in the email with the confirmation of sending:



Can I remove an item from my order? 

Yes. From the shopping cart you can delete the items you do not want as long as you have not finished and paid for the order.


Can I modify or cancel my order? 

Yes. You can edit some of the details of your order or cancel your order, within 30 minutes after receiving an email with the Order Confirmation and payment, as long as it is allowed.

If you are registered:

You must first log in to your tulipanjewelrystore.com account.

Once you are logged in, you can visit the "My Account" page.

Then, access the Orders section of your personal area.


If you are NOT registered:

Access the Order information link in the order confirmation and payment email and click cancel..

If you do not see the cancellation link has been sucked, it is because we have probably already prepared and shipped your order.

Orders that have been accepted (see Order Confirmation section) cannot be canceled.

Editing or canceling an order can only be done by the customer, not the customer service team.


“I made an order a few days ago and confirmation has been completed. I think the selection had been wrong. Could I change the chosen jewel for another or another size of the same model before sending the product?

Since our production and return systems are fully automated, it is difficult to change the process manually. Exchanging one jewel for another is only possible after entering the correct size in our online return form and submitting it to our system. Please wait until you receive your product and follow the steps for a size change. "


We have an exchange and return policy:

 ☛   https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/content/1-warranty_and_return.

We also recommend you read the information about Payment and Delivery.

 ☛   https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/content/5-payment_and_delivery.


How is my order packaged? 

Your order will be shipped together with your certificate, gift box in a secure packaging box.

All TULIPAN JEWELRY jewelry is delivered with its gift box and a safe shipping box.

More information   ☛   https://tulipanjewelrystore.com/en/26_gift-box

We strive to provide the highest quality of our products and services. We will make sure that your needs are addressed in the best possible way!


At Tulipan Jewelry, we offer a wide selection of styles and collections of gold and silver jewelry that you will definitely enjoy. We sincerely hope that articles on how to choose the correct ring size, necklace size or bracelet size and on the care of jewelry metals and