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The navigation languages are Spanish, English, Russian. Other languages will be added soon.

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What benefits will I get by registering? 

Although you can make purchases without registering, the registration option will allow you to:

  • Save your favorite foods
  • Add different delivery addresses in your account
  • Control your orders

Most importantly, because registered users participate in our bonus program BUY MORE - SAVE MORE - ENJOY MORE - FUN & FAN TULIPAN



Do I have to register to make a purchase? 

You do not have to register on the web to make your purchase. However, you must provide the information required by law: name, surname, email, telephone number and address. Although by registering you will get a series of benefits



Does TULIPÁN JEWELRY have a physical store? 

TULIPАN JEWELRY currently only sells online to present you with the widest variety of options possible.

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Is there a store that sells jewelry featured on 

We do not have any commercial agreements or B2B partners at this time. If you see TULIPAN JEWELRY products sold by other jewelers, it means that these are not genuine TULIPAN JEWELRY products and are not covered by our warranty.

If you have a physical store and want to sell our products or, you are a professional who wants to market our products, we are always open for co-labor: Do not forget to fill in the subject of your email, please, to direct it to the consistent person.


What are the advantages of buying online? 

Shopping on the website is like having a private jewelry store dedicated to you. It is very easy to browse any product and see it with the combinations of metal and precious stones you choose. The store is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can access it from the comfort of anywhere in your home, office, even in a cafe, etc., you can find information on the latest news and get special offers.

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Can I request the TULIPAN JEWELRY physical jewelry catalog? 

No, we do not currently offer physical catalogs, as each of the available designs can be seen on the website and are available 24/365, also on your mobile device.

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We strive to provide the highest quality of our products and services. We will make sure that your needs are addressed in the best possible way!


At Tulipan Jewelry, we offer a wide selection of styles and collections of gold and silver jewelry that you will definitely enjoy. We sincerely hope that articles on how to choose the correct ring size, necklace size or bracelet size and on the care of jewelry metals and