Do you want to please her with a gift?        

Everything is very simple friend! - you just need to understand: What the woman wants.

Remember the Internet meme:

"Who are we?    - Women!

What we want?    - We do not know this!

When do we want it?   - Right now!

Are you smiling ?, So you recognized yourself, your girlfriend or an acquaintance of yours in this joke. Great read on, this article is for you!

3´S hypothesis.

Sex, Security, Status - they awaken our instincts and determine our behavior. Logic is based on needs as always. We all like to feel attractive. For a gift to make a woman happy, you have to please her nature with what she needs to feel: sexually attractive, total security and a high status.

It is not a coincidence, don't you think? - Diamonds are always beautiful, they look elegant, they silently agree with any decision of ours, they are loved by parents and they cause the admiration of friends. What more do we want ?! Ah, well status, - A ring with a gem in a couple of carats or earrings will definitely raise the status of its holder to a higher level.

Contemporary fashion, following current globalization trends, on the contrary, are moving towards simplification: previously popular materials such as natural ermine fur for a fur coat or python skin for handbags and pure gold for a neck chain they are replaced by synthetic analogues. However, fashion is much more mobile and active than our perception: not everything that is fashionable likes modern women. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to choose gifts, and you will not reach enough diamonds for each holiday.

What gift to choose like that without much reason?

Give away a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!

If the search for a gift is for a special reason, everything is clear with this, but why don't you give yourself and those around you joy and warmth on a very ordinary day?

It hardly costs anything to surprise your colleagues at work, they will be delighted with an unscheduled delivery of a tulip flower, right?, And those closest at least once a month would not be wrong to organize a real fire artificial of emotions, don't you think?

Psychologists have long shown that everything related to a person's "I" works without fail, therefore, always an option not to fail is:

  • Pendant with her zodiac sign.
  • Charms with initial letters of her name
  • Earrings with matching her birthstone.
  • Bracelets engraved with her favorite quotes.
  • Minimalist jewel with flowers.
  • Give a choice by gifting away a transformative jewelry.

Present her compliments of true femininity printed in silver and gold. Bright colors and fashionable novelties are the joys of these women that will cheer you up.

How to be right when choosing a gift for a special occasion?

We suggest you study our tips and choose good gifts, gaining the trust and understanding of psychology.

Tip # 1: Prices and Life Principles

Jewelry really makes a woman feel more attractive and confident. But it also happens that when a woman scrupulously follows fashion and prefers discreet jewelry, she chooses "everyday" silver as her best option. This is normal, as it is everyone's personal choice and should be respected.

Therefore, keep in mind the principles and guidelines of life of the person when selecting the gift: perhaps, in your case, the price of the jewel is not the most appropriate parameter and could be perceived as money spent aimlessly, the "3´S Hypothesis" is played in completely different manifestations: in moments, in impressions, in achievements or simply in attention signs.

A woman deserves to be happy and get the best, not are acceptable "IF", "Y" or "BUT". We all know that the main thing is not a gift, but care, right? A gift, along with care, is happiness squared. It doesn't matter if you buy your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, best friend or daughter, these unique gifts should bring you joy.

At Tulipan Jewelry®, there is something for every gift recipient and every budget! We pack even the smallest purchase with great care for the sentiments of the jewelry recipient and paying attention to the smallest details. Therefore, you don't have to settle for a less stellar gift for an amazing and beautiful woman in your life. Regardless of whether you shop for Mother's Day, her birthday, or another festive time, here you will find something classic, romantic, creative, and trendy - just like her!

Tip # 2: your style or finding a trend

Jewelry fashion does not change as fast as clothing, however minimal updates are significant. When choosing jewelry, take a look at whether the person you want to gift is following the latest fashion trends or what other style they are after. Here a good clue will be the lifestyle of the recipient, knowing if the place where she works is an office with a strict dress code or if she is a free artist, identifying if she often goes to parties and social events, or prefers comfort. From home, knowing if she likes to go to the theater or sees blockbusters with popcorn, perhaps she is a modern mother with three children and a dog that greatly influence her lifestyle.

Elegant jewelry, classic earrings, bracelets, fine pendants are suitable for everyday use. Catchy decorations are good for parties and holidays, and during the day you should give preference to modest, classic accessories without misaligning the overall look. Especially if you prefer clothes with strange cut, asymmetric, bright patterns or prints. But if the overall tone and cut are modest and concise, you can add bright accents along with jewelry throughout the day.

Our opinion: Modern jewelry for every day should be more concise and minimalist compared to fashion options. But, to not be considered outdated, it is worth adding some accessories that meet the modern trends of the image. Here we simply highlight the latest fashion trends.

  • Asymmetry: Earrings of the same execution style, but of different shapes and lengths. Earrings are now even sold individually. The combination of 80's-style brooches and long earrings is spreading around the world.
  • Layers:Layered chains of different thicknesses and types of fabric. They can be decorated with various pendants, amulets, medallions, charms. An option that does not fail are the initials, smooth or inlaid with precious stones.
  • Overseas or "Hip Hop": Massive chains and textured plastic jewelry, sets of bracelets of different sizes, charms, brooches of various sizes, colors and materials. Everything is shiny and hypertrophied, remarkable, catchy. Let everything shine!

Tip # 3: Silver or Gold?

You can combine gold and silver jewelry! Also, wearing multi-colored chains, bracelets or rings on one hand is all the rage.

Now there is no problem with the choice of accessories: give your wife a white gold ring to match the yellow wedding ring and complement it with another jewel made of rose gold. Well very fashionable, now any accessory in your clothing will look harmonious and the problem of "what to wear?" it is solved much easier with a large arsenal of accessories.

Stylists recommend keeping the overall tone of the jewelry in the metallic color, which is best suited for the skin color type, and only dilute it with other colors. Try to choose jewelry that is in harmony with each other: the products of different colors of the same series are combined with precision. If you personally like the shade of pink, which reminds you of the color of the ring in your grandmother's hand, and the person to whom you give the ring or necklace prefers the white metal in the jewelry, then choose white! - You will not lose! ;)

It's also nice that today's fashion is democratic: You can save some money by buying rhodium-plated silver products that give a glamorous, even shine, or high-quality multi-layer gold plating that will last for many years with proper storage and careful use. These jewels do not differ visually from the most expensive ones, and you can buy them more frequently. At Tulipan Jewelry®, we offer a guarantee on our products.

Tip # 4: Harmony and Proportions

Each woman has her own highlight: eye color, slim wrists, cleavage. Help her emphasize her personality and beauty. Note the proportions of her figure and the size of the jewelry, especially if they are close to the face.

Please note: Delicate jewelry is generally set for thin rather than tall ladies, for women of medium build and height, both small and medium-sized jewelry will suit them, for tall and corpulent women, they could fit well great and remarkable accessories.

If you choose a gift for a person with long thin fingers, the combinations of several rings on the same hand or even on the same finger will adapt to it. And if you have wide and short fingers, then you should not highlight the attention on these characteristics and it is better to opt for a thinner ring, better not complicate yourself! and choose some earrings. For a woman with a short neck or large chest, it is not recommended to give chains or chokers that can visually emphasize these features of her figure.

If you are choosing a gift preparing a surprise, before buying, do not forget to find out the appropriate size of jewelry; This can be done by discreetly trying to put any other ring from the future owner of the new jewel on your finger (while sleeping, for example). We recommend that you consult our articles on how to choose a correct ring size, necklace size or bracelet size, which we have specially prepared to help our clients, where you find the most detailed advice and graphic images.

Tip # 5: Train memory and attention

Buy what she likes, not what you like.

Watch her closely! - Look, listen and remember.

Chances are, the woman already knows what is good for her and what is not, look carefully at what she prefers to wear: thin chains or large necklaces, wide or elegant bracelets, clips, or has multiple ear piercings and constantly changes earrings, which fingers do you put the rings on. These "secret" signs will tell you what type of jewelry will definitely please your daughter, friend, girlfriend, or mother.

The nature of a woman is conflicting. They can enthusiastically describe for half an hour what a beautiful pendant they saw in a magazine or a friend, but are ashamed to say they would like to receive this same pendant as a gift. People always say why they are worried or happy. If you learn to listen to people and extract from the conversations what is important (what type of magazine it was, what you liked, how much it cost, where you have seen it, among others.) Then you will be able, by chance, as if by magic, to carry out her dream.


  • A gift that emphasizes status does not necessarily prove to be something special and beautiful.
  • A jewel is an extension of the personality.
  • A jewel should look alive and sensual on the body.
  • The jewels are created to captivate women.
  • Find something that has "sentimental value" for her
  • If she likes big stones, and you can afford it, then give her the BIGGEST!
  • Do not decide for her, buy only what she likes, not you.
  • Important! If you are not going to drop to one knee and take an oath of allegiance, then you should not be surprised to be given rings reminiscent of engagement rings.

Effective recipe to hit with a gift for a special occasion:

  • Go to our product catalog, choose styles or collections according to your preferences, put restrictions on the characteristics filter according to your requirements.
  • Choose a gift for your budget according to all the tips above. At Tulipan Jewelry®, you can buy high-quality fashion jewelry that costs $ 15. Please contact our online consultant, If you can't do it yourself.
  • Feel like an esthete: Tulipan Jewelry company is a representative of the main jewelry brands with precious stones and crystals, semi-precious stones made of pure gold, 925 sterling silver, steel, 18 and 24 carat gilding. The jewelry is distributed in accordance with this. with style and collection, creating the pleasant impression of having an absolutely exclusive product.
  • In this state, buy your precious gift using a secure payment system. You can use your bank card or Paypal.
  • After a while you will receive the precious gift in a beautiful box and brand package, which includes other nice surprises.
  • While you wait for the sending, he chooses the words for the recipient and that. Show that this investment was not only monetary, but also emotional. It makes his heart and therefore a long time.
  • We recommend you giving a bouquet of her favorite flowers together with a beautiful box that we will send to make it even more luxurious! To highlight the timing of gift presentation even more make sure she is surrounded by her friends - it will be more emotional;)

Perhaps this woman does not tell you how she will delight in her state and her sexuality of the 3´S hypothesis, how lucky she is with the gift, with the donor and in life in general! But you will certainly be satisfied and grateful! You will understand this by the way the corners of the lips fold into a happy smile, how the eyes are filled with a sparkle of joy, and how the atmosphere is filled with vibrations of love, harmony, and expectation of happiness.

Recommend gifts

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