How to match gemstones for a birthday

Which gemstone to choose?

Any person can get a stone that suits him or her perfectly. When considering a gemstone, rational thinking often is completely turned off and only intuition is used. At an intuitive level, you don’t think about the shape, color and cost of the gem, you just feel the need for the energy of this stone.

But if this method does not work, you instead can follow the experience of the cultures of the peoples of the world. There are many ways to choose the stone that best suits you. If you are a lover of astrological guides, this article will offer you the most appropriate way to choose a precious stone that reflects your personality.

It is believed that a correctly selected stone can:

  • Protect from negative emotions
  • Improve health
  • Promote professional success, creativity and improve everyday situations
  • Be a source of strength and energy
  • Offer a balance
  • Assist in loving and personal relationships

Gemstones corresponding to the month of birth, the zodiac sign and the season of year.

We compare the horoscope recommendations and the recommendations of the International Jewelers Association, the Council of Jewelers of the United States, the Council of Jewelers of Great Britain, as well as the old European, Italian, Russian and Arab lists.

When choosing a birthstone, it is not completely correct to go by the month of birth. Rather, it would be better to choose a suitable stone in relation to the zodiac sign referring to the date of birth of the person for whom a jewelry gift is selected. The signs of the zodiac are not limited to the month of birth but span parts of two consecutive months. The definition of your stone based in the consistency to a season of the year when you were born could be imprecise. But, just in case, we summarize this in our table as a recommendation for the color of the stone according to the corresponding date on which the person was born.


  • Giving a gemstone without considering the recipient’s individual characteristics is related is not a good idea. It is better first to secure the opinion and feelings of the future owner of a stone. This helps to ensure that the energy and properties of the gemstone will fully revealed.

  • If at this moment you have the desire to buy a jewel with beautiful stones, do not ignore this desire and value your intuition. This means that this is the time when your life needs the energy of this mineral.

  • If you have lost a gem, do not lose sight of what this means, the stone has fulfilled its purpose in your life, just buy a new one according to what your heart currently tells you.


  • Take a stone with you not at all comfortable, so it is convenient to use them in rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and in other forms of jewelry.

  • The uncut mineral has higher energy.

  • The size of the stone does not affect the intensity of its impact on the owner.

  • Not only is a consistent choice important, but also special care must be taken with the stone. When not properly maintained and used, it loses its strength and cracks.

You can read more about the properties of a particular stone in our Gem Encyclopedia.

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