This Legal Notice governs the general conditions for access and use of the website, available at www.tulipanjewerlystore.com (hereinafter the website), which is accessible to Internet users.

The use by the client of the services offered on the TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM website implies, in any case, the acceptance of these Special Conditions of the Online Purchase Agreement at the time of the purchase order. Therefore, it is convenient for the client to read these Special Conditions before making a purchase, as well as the general conditions for using the portal.

Please read our Privacy Statement before placing an order. Using this tulipanjewejrystore.com or placing an order through it, the client agrees to comply with these Terms and our Privacy Statement, therefore, if you do not agree with all the Terms and Privacy Statement you should not place an order.

These special online purchase conditions apply to the purchase of any product presented on TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM by perfect customers whose shipping address is listed worldwide. (See Complete List) The prices for each of the jewelry, watches, accessories and perfumes are indicated on the website on the day the order is placed. Prices are indicated in each item, including taxes and fees. The amount of the cost of delivery and any other services is also indicated and will be shown in detail to the client when placing the order.



  • The purchase service through TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM, regulated in these Special Conditions, allows you to purchase goods and services only to customers over 18 years of age.
  • COM reserves the right to cancel a client’s account if fraudulent, speculative or dishonest actions are detected during the use of this service.
  • COM will modify and update, if deemed appropriate, articles and prices in accordance with the company's commercial criteria, although these changes will not affect products that have been accepted.
  • All orders for products depend on their availability, and, in this sense, if there are difficulties with their delivery or if there are no goods in stock, we reserve the right to provide information on quality substitutes for products. and equal or greater value that the customer can order. If you do not want to order these replacement products, we will refund any amount that the customer may have paid.

The offer and sale of the Products is carried out through the TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM 

Customers can contact us with any questions, suggestions or complaints in any of the following ways:

Order Confirmation

  • The contract will be only those products that are associated with delivery confirmation. TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM will not be obligated to provide any other product that could be ordered by the customer until the shipment is confirmed in a separate Delivery Confirmation.

The information and details contained in TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM are not an offer to sell, but an invitation to do business. A contract will not be concluded between the client and TULIPANJEWEJRYSTORE.COM for any product until the order is accepted by TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM (even if it has already been withdrawn the amount has been transferred). If the purchase offer is not accepted and the delivery confirmation is not received, and the amount has already been credited to the site user’s account, the amount of the offer will be fully returned to the client.

To place an order, the customer must complete the online purchase procedure and click "Place Order".

  • After that, you will receive a Receipt of the order and payment - an email confirming receipt of the order within 72 hours.
  • After that, the Acceptance of an order for work - an email with information about the acceptance of the order and the manufacture of the goods.
  • Purchase Invoice - an email with the corresponding invoice formalizes the contract of sale of goods between TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM and the buyer.
  • Delivery confirmation - - you will receive a notification as soon as the parcel leaves our facilities, and you will receive a tracking number at the email address that you specified when ordering, indicating the delivery time.

There may even be exceptional circumstances (in accordance with the Law 10/2010 of April 28 on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism) that force you to refuse to process any order after sending the order confirmation. TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM reserves the right to do this at any time at its discretion.

Access And Use Of The Website

  • The service will be available 24 hours a day. TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM informs the buyer that anomalies or interruptions in the availability or operation of the Service may occur due to unexplained reasons (technical signals from Internet providers, telecommunications, signals at the customer’s terminal, the term for deleting a purchase may be extended.
  • Free access and use of the network. Access to the site is free for its users.
  • User registration. In general, access to the site and its use do not require prior subscription or registration of its users.

Liability Limitation

  • Responsibility for accessing the website and for unauthorized use of the information contained on it lies solely with the user.
  • COM is not responsible for any consequences or damage arising from such access or use.
  • COM is not responsible for security errors that may occur or damage the user's computer system (hardware and software) or documents or documents stored in it, as a result.COM is not responsible for the speed and speed of hyperlinks that are included in the network to open others. TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM does not guarantee the usefulness of these links and is not responsible for the content or services that the user can access through these links, as well as for the proper functioning of these websites.
    • the presence of a virus on the computer of a user who uses the sea to connect to network services and content.
    • browser crash.
    • and / or use of outdated versions.
  • COM is not responsible for viruses or other computer programs that deteriorate or may deteriorate in users' computer systems or equipment that access its website or other websites accessed via links on this website.

Use Of Cookie Technology

The site uses cookies, you can read our Cookie Policy, which always respects confidentiality and privacy.

Website Content

  • COM is not responsible for the user’s lack of knowledge or understanding of the Internet language, as well as for its consequences.
  • COM reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the WEBSITE, as well as these Special Conditions, without any justification and freely, without liability for the consequences that they may cause to users.
  • It is not allowed to use the Internet content to promote, conclude contracts or disclose advertising or information of its own or third parties without the permission of TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM, as well as to send advertising or information using the services or information that are available to users, regardless of whether whether use is free or not.
  • Links that include third parties on their web pages to this website are designed to open a complete web page that does not allow you to directly or indirectly indicate false, inaccurate or misleading directions, as well as for unfair or illegal action against TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM

Intellectual And Industrial Property

  • All content (including graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, photographs, trade names, trademarks or decals and any elements that appear on TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM, unless expressly stated otherwise, are the exclusive property of TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE .COM or third parties.
  • No intellectual property or industrial property rights are granted to the client on the Website or on any of its constituent elements, reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, access, retrieval, reuse, transfer or use are expressly prohibited. of any nature, by any means or procedures, of any of them, with the exception of cases when it is legally permitted or authorized by the owner of the relevant rights.
  • The client may view and receive a temporary private copy of the content for his exclusive personal, private and non-collective use in his computer systems (software and hardware), provided that this is not for the purposes of collective, commercial or professional activity. , The client must refrain from receiving or attempting to obtain content using means or procedures other than those that were provided or indicated for this purpose in each case, or those that are commonly used on the Internet (provided that the latter does not imply a risk network damage or uselessness). The client must always comply with all intellectual property and industrial property rights on the website owned by TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM or to third parties.

Product Price

The actual price of the goods is indicated on the website TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM, except in cases of obvious error. Prices for goods on the TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM website may vary, but possible changes will not affect orders for which a delivery confirmation has already been sent (except as noted below).

  • Although TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM tries to make sure that all prices indicated on the website are correct, errors can still occur. If we find an error in the price of goods that you already ordered, we will contact you to inform you as soon as possible, and you will have the opportunity to confirm your order at the right price or cancel it. If we cannot contact you, the order will be considered canceled, and the amounts paid will be fully refunded. TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM is not obliged to deliver goods (even if a delivery confirmation has been sent) if the price error is obvious and unambiguous, and that the buyer could initially understand that the price is erroneous.
  • The prices of goods indicated on TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM are not obliged to coincide with the sale price in other online stores or outlets and refers exclusively to purchases made therein.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • In accordance with applicable law, all purchases made through TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM will be subject to value added tax (VAT), applicable at the time of delivery. In orders with an appointment where deliveries will be exempted from VAT, without prejudice to the application of the corresponding taxes and tariffs in accordance with the applicable rules in each of them.
  • Given international shipments, we are not responsible for taxes and fees that may be charged in your country upon receipt of the goods. TULIPANJEWELRYSTORE.COM is committed to follow the procedures and prepare the necessary documentation for the relevant customs office.

Competent Jurisdiction аnd Applicable Law

  • In the event of any disagreement related to this online sales agreement, the courts of the European Union will be competent. In addition, it will apply to the General Law on the Protection of Consumers and Users in everything that is not provided for by this agreement. The European Commission offers a platform for alternative dispute resolution, which can be accessed at: http: //ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/
  • COM is not a member of any association or organization that offers an out-of-court conflict resolution system.

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