Ceramic: a new word in jewelry

Ceramic jewelry is a jewelry trend of recent years that combins natural and high-tech materials.

A combination of materials and textures and a combination of exquisite simple and emphasized, has made ceramics one of the most popular materials in jewelry. Elegant and concise, it makes an excellent backdrop for the display of precious and semi-precious stones, pairs well with gold and silver.

We will talk about what will be interesting to know for any ceramic jewelry buyer.

How is ceramic made?

First and foremost: Despite the same name, jewelry pottery and tile and utensil pottery are completely different things.

  • For the manufacture of high-tech ceramic jewelry made from non-metallic inorganic materials, which are crushed into powder.

  • They are compacted under high pressure, taking a given shape.

  • The resulting billet is fired in a special furnace at a temperature of approximately 1600 ° C. As a result, the ceramic oxidizes, forming a strong protective layer

  • The product then goes through 30 stages of processing, including grinding and polishing. Thanks to this, the surface of the products becomes shiny and acquires a flawless appearance that lasts for many years.

Jewelers and watchmakers appreciate the material for its lightweight, resistance to external influences, elegance and durability.

Advantages and characteristics of ceramic jewelry.

High-tech ceramic is ideal for jewelry making and has many advantages.

  1. Hypoallergenic
    These jewels can even be worn by metal sensitive people. The risk of allergic reactions to ceramic products is minimal.

  2. Longevity
    Brittle, at first glance, ceramic is actually a durable wear-resistant material. The special coating that the product acquires during cooking has the resistance of the sapphire crystal. Out of 10 points on the Mohs hardness scale, 9 honorable points are assigned to fashion material. This means that ceramic jewelry is unlikely to break, is not afraid of scratches and abrasions, of which metal products are not insured.

  3. Stylish and elegant
    The glitter of gold or silver often prefers the understated elegance of ceramics. A wide range of shades opens up new possibilities for design. Still, the favorite is the classic black and white. Ceramic products can be laconic and solemn, organically complement everyday and commercial images or become exquisite accessories for evening dresses.

Ceramic care

As previously mentioned, ceramic is a strong and durable material. This suggests that ceramic jewelry will not lose its sparkling shine, will shine and look perfect for many years to come, subject to the most basic rules of care.

  • Use them after you have completed all the beauty treatments. Although cosmetics will not harm ceramics, they will create a film on its surface that will make your jewelry opaque and discreet and must be cleaned.

  • Contact with washing, cleaning and washing powders, pastes and gels should be avoided. Such aggressive chemicals are likely to damage or discolor the ceramic topcoat.

  • We recommend storing your ceramic jewelry in a coffin so that the ceramic jewelry does not touch each other.

How to clean a ceramic jewellery?

  • Clean the jewel with a soft damp cloth.
  • Dry with a microfiber cloth or a soft, lint-free cloth.


  • You don't need to boil or pour boiling water on your ceramic jewelry or clean it with harsh chemicals like acid, chlorine etc. Exposure to high temperatures and aggressive chemicals is contraindicated, this can damage and discolor the upper protective layer of the material.

  • No need to experiment and check the resistance of jewelry - severe mechanical stress can cause splinters.


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