Jewelry enamel - time-tested relevance

Jewelry enamel - time-tested relevance

Enamel jewelry is a great way to truly express yourself - this is when you need this special fashion accessory.

A jewelry created using jewelry enamel is always expressive and unique, it can be equated to a work of art!

Enamel has been known since ancient times in Greek and Egyptian civilizations, where it was widely used by jewelers for decorative purposes and to protect metals and ceramics from oxidation and corrosion.

Colored enamel gives the product a unique design and protects the metal from the effects of the external environment.

Types of Enamel

In appearance, enamels are:

  • Transparent (through) (сквозная) enamel - has no color and is used to enhance shine and protect against mechanical damage.

  • Blind (opaque) enamel is opaque and has many bright and saturated colors.

Enamel Application Techniques

  • Jewelry enamel - time-tested relevance

    Cold enamel - its cost is very economical, the technique resembles ordinary paint. Mainly used for supplements, the coating quickly loses its appeal. To ensure a longer service life, unique niches and grooves are created. This is done so that in case of mechanical damage, the metal acts as a kind of barrier, and the brittle coating is not damaged.

  • Photopolymer enamel is a modern product that is applied to the product after a certain preparation, the surface is modeled accordingly, in particular, miniature bumpers are created to ensure reliable fixation. This is a high-quality coating, “modern synthetic material”, resistant to abrasion, has a glossy gloss and is easily restored by polishing. This is a practical coating that can be applied to various alloys.

  • Hot enamel is a glassy substance. The application technique is quite complicated, if the technology is broken, the coating is simply torn away, so it is very important to choose the right ligation. It has a less pronounced gloss than photopolymer enamel. The coating is difficult to restore, for this the product must be completely immersed in acid. The disadvantage is that the enamel can crack, especially if the temperature regime has been violated, small bubbles appear on the surface. Hot enamel can not be applied to a product of different types of gold (for example, white and yellow). One of the techniques that allows you to give additional shine is an additional coating with transparent enamel.

  • Phynipht’ (Russian Enamel) is a technique in which a pattern is applied to a copper surface that can be “golden” previously, which is then baked in a furnace.

  • Guilloche is a technique to give a surface texture.

Terms of manufacturing an exclusive jewelry with enamel 2-3 weeks.

How is enamel made?

Jewelry enamel - time-tested relevance

The base of any enamel is a glassy powder with a low content of silicon oxide and alumina. It melts with metals at high temperatures (1380–1560 ° F). Although the enamel powder may be different colors, the initial colors of the powder do not ultimately reflect the bright colors obtained during the high temperature melting process.

The temperature of the melting process, as well as the content of metal oxides in the enamel, determine the intensity of the resulting color, as well as its transparency. Generally speaking, higher temperatures give a more durable translucent enamel, and lower temperatures give a softer, more opaque enamel, which is more vulnerable to damage.

Hot enamel is of higher quality than painted enamel jewelry using cold techniques. It is soft, resistant to mechanical or chemical influences, durable, able to maintain bright colors for a long time. As a rule, the longer the enamel heats up, the longer it can last and the higher the quality of the product.

Advantages and characteristics of jewelry with enamel Jewelry enamel - time-tested relevance

  • Fashionable

Enamel jewelry has become popular and tirelessly modernized by designers following the latest trends.

  • Originality and uniqueness

The combination of various application techniques and enamel colors provides unlimited opportunities for jewelers to realize their artistic fantasies. Enamel provides the masters with a wide range of colors and rich shades that cannot be competed with by one stone, and the noble shine of gold and silver look unusual and extremely beautiful in combination with bright colors of enamel. This is a great way to add some color to a neutral outfit.

  • Durability

Enamel does not lose color brightness and protective properties over time. In modern jewelry, enamel can be found in all different types of jewelry: in rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and much more. Enamel in jewelry and decorative works has several names: vitreous enamel, porcelain enamel and painted glass.

  • Wide price range

An intriguing variety of colors and styles available. The options are endless. You can find how cheap enameled jewelry or find fine metals with enamel, depending on your style and budget.


Jewelry enamel - time-tested relevance
  • Choose individual, larger things when you need to make a fashionable look, or use a few small jewelry to add a touch of color to your day to day.

  • Use bright jewelry with a simple outfit to add charm, radically change the appearance of neutral clothes and create your own unique style.

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