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Jewelry can be a cute purchase to cheer you up, you choose a fashionable jewelry or maybe you carefully choose the main gift for your beloved, in all cases, luxury jewelry, whether it is gold, white gold or silver. For some, their silver is a valuable property, because it has sentimental value, as it can be a gift from a loved one, friend, someone special or part of a family heirloom.

When we buy things, we want them as long as possible

Silver is a jeweler metal and is a popular and inexpensive alternative to white gold and platinum. We buy silver because we like the product or many even prefer to buy a silver product because they always want to have newfangled and glamorous products without ruining the budget.
Patina occurs not only on low-purity silver, but also on high-quality 925 silver (sterling silver).

Silver products coated with rhodium have been pleasing with their original splendor for many years.

Серебряное потускнение - это изменение цвета, могут быть желтоватого, темно-желтого или черного цвета. Патина на изделиях которые мы любим и носим, совсем не привлекательна. Зная самые распространенные причины, по которым тускнеет серебро, можно значительно замедлить процесс потускнения.Silver tarnishing is a discoloration that can be yellowish, dark yellow or black. Patina on products that we love and wear is not at all attractive. Knowing the most common reasons that silver tarnishes, you can significantly slow down the tarnishing process.

Below are some of the most common causes of silver tarnishing:

  • Corrosion - under the influence of high temperatures, moisture and oxygen. When we sweat, the presence of salts and chemicals in our sweat, especially when they are supported by heat and air, can cause the tarnishing of your silver jewelry.

  • Darkening, yellowing and the appearance of black spotsspots - in contact with chemicals. Some chemicals in cosmetics, such as zinc oxide and calamine, can be powerful chemicals for your silver jewelry. Body chemistry reacts with alloys, which leads to stains, which may also be possible if you take certain medications.

  • Tarnishing - The presence of hydrogen sulfide or natural gases in materials that come into contact with silver. Foods that smell strongly like eggs and onions, and fatty foods can stain your silver. Smoke caused by burnt fuels such as coal or oil is a typical example.


  • Try to avoid the chemicals zinc oxide and calamine when you buy makeup, or remove jewelry when applying makeup to avoid chemicals getting into such jewelry.

  • Jewelry should be the last thing you put on before leaving home.

  • Remove Jewelry,

    • if you play sports, cook, take a bath with salt, or swim in the sea or ocean.

    • before working with chemicals.

  • Be careful when using perfumes.

  • And if you have wet or oily skin, do not forget to regularly polish silver, or use absorbent powder in places in contact with jewelry.

  • Clean your silver every time after use if you live in areas with high levels of pollution using a special silver cleaner.

  • lean your silver at the first sign of patina and, if necessary, seek help from a professional jeweler.

Ways to clean silver, find out more.
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