Buying a bracelet online is much easier if you know the correct size for your wrist. It is very important to make sure that they fit well on your wrist.

How to measure the wrist  

Too big bracelets are very uncomfortable because of fear, because the bracelets fall on your hands, and too small bracelets will be torture when you try to put them on your wrist or remove it from it.

Basically, there are two types of bracelets: adjustable and fixed size.

  1. For adjustable bracelet and wristband with lock  

For adjustable wristbands, you can simply take the usual wristband measurement listed below.


  1. Take a flexible tape measure, a strip of paper, a string or string sufficient to wrap around your wrists.

  2. Using your measuring tool, measure just above the wrist, wrap around it.

  3. Mark where your measuring tool intersects.

  4. If you used a strip of paper, a string or a string, simply place it on the surface of the ruler and measure the length from the start point to the end mark you made.

  5. After measuring (using a tape measure or strip of paper) add ¼ - 1 ¼ INCH / 0.6-3.2 CM to the measured length, depending on how tight you want the bracelet to fit.

  6. Try experimenting with various inch allowances and move them along and across your wrist to make sure you are comfortable. You can do this by wrapping a measuring strip of paper or thread around your wrist, gluing / connecting the edges to make sure you are comfortable.

Table Approximate allowances and fit bracelet

Usually add half an inch (½ inch) to the actual size of their wrists for a comfortable fit. But it depends on your personal preferences and on the width of the bracelet and on whether you plan to wear the bracelet over the cuff of clothes.

To find out the size of your adjustable bracelet and lock bracelet at, see the table below.

Corresponding size of the wrist to the size of the adjustable bracelet and wristband with lock

  1. How to Measure the Wrist for a Fixed Size Bracelet or Bangle  

  1. You will need a flexible tape measure, a strip of paper, a string or string sufficient to wrap around your wrists.


  2. Squeeze your fingers toward the center and make your hand as narrow as possible. You need to squeeze your fingers together and bring your thumb and little finger to the finger to the center, just pretend to put on a bracelet. If you have thin wrists, use another method: Measure the width of the closed fist from the upper center of one joint to the other.

  3. Wrap a measuring tape or strip of paper around the widest part of your squeezed hand. As a hint, measure around the joints and use the thumb joint as a starting point (this area around the joints is the widest part). Pull the measuring tape or strip of paper tight enough to get around this widest part.

  4. If using a strip of paper, mark the part where it overlaps with a pen. Measure the paper from its starting point to the marked point by placing it on the flat surface of the ruler. If this is roulette, then just remember the brand. This is the measurement of the circumference of your hand.

  5. After you have measured the circumference, you need to get the diameter. Glue the ends together (starting point and overlay point) and measure the distance along the widest point of the paper circle (bracelet). Make sure you don’t distort the shape of the circle.
  6. Then choose the closest bracelet size for your measurement, which is at least the following size in diameter compared to the actual measurement of the hand. .

To find out the size of your fixed-size bracelet or bangle at, see the table below.

Wrist Size Conformance to Standard Bangle Sizes  

If you already have matching bracelets, then you can simply measure their diameter to find your size.

Converting the circumference



  • If you buy a thin bracelet with a thin chain, we recommend a more snug fit.

  • When buying large, or wide bracelets, it is better to choose a loose fit, so that you do not feel that the bracelet is tight on your wrist.

  • Most other bracelets should have a comfortable fit.

  • He should sit loose enough to move freely and hang well on his wrist, while he is tight enough not to slip off his arm.

  • With an adjustable bracelet, you don’t have to worry about slipping off your arm.

Why a bracelet is a great gift   HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BRACELET SIZE

  • Bracelets never go out of style. The origin dates back to more than 40,000 years ago.

  • The bracelet was considered a symbol of belonging to a high class society.

  • Bracelets - a great accessory to any wardrobe

  • Bracelets are a great addition to other jewelry.

We sincerely hope that this wrist measuring guide will help you get the perfect bracelet.


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