CALLIOPE 925 silver Quartz Earring

39,96 €

Neat Calliope stud earrings made of pure 925 sterling silver with inlays of untreated natural quartz - one of the most ancient rock-forming minerals of the earth's crust, valuable multi-colored varieties of which were popular among the jewelers of Solar Hellas, inspired by the creation of jewelry masterpieces by the ancient Greek Muses. The purple variety of natural quartz is the semi-precious stone amethyst. It was called a 'blessed stone' and believed that it brings good luck and peace, helps to settle conflicts, and enlightens the head. There is an ancient Greek legend about the nymph Ametis, who rejected the courtship of the god of winemaking Dionysus. The goddess of the hunt, Artemis, turned the nymph into a clear crystal to save her from an angry pursuer. Trying to revive the beauty, Dionysus sprinkled her with grape juice, as a result of which the amethyst got its incredibly beautiful purple color. Such a piece of jewelry is unique, because it is impossible to find two identical stones of the same shape in nature. Put on Calliope earrings, feel like a muse and inspire a poet to write an entire poem. The jewelry looks very lively in the ears, it can be worn daily.
  • Collection: Colorful Life
  • Style: Trend
  • Type: Earrings
  • Material: 925 sterling silver
  • Insert: untreated natural quartz (2 pcs.); Color: amethyst; Certificate: CNAS
  • Weight: 1.8g
  • Approximate size of each stone: 1 cm.
  • Handmade: Hand finished product.
The product comes with a transport / storage box, a jewelry cleaning cloth and a jewelry care card.

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