MOON SECRETS 925 silver Cubic Zirconia Ring

39,90 €

The Moon Secrets ring of the Moon & Star collection is made of 925 sterling silver. The design is made using natural precious stones. The combination of white cubic zirconia (24 pcs) and black round spinel (19 pcs) creates sparkling overflows and a brilliant play of crystals. The unusual design of the ring resembles lunar craters: white and black, large and small, deep and not very - they personify the female nature, thin and sensitive.
Each crater keeps its secret: one is a fiery volcano of passion, the other a flowery meadow with tender memories, a desert of sadness and sadness, a snowy slope of fresh impressions, a transparent lake of hope. They hide dreams and desires.
Woman… she is so different. Sometimes affectionate and sweet, and sometimes - mysterious and attractive. And each has its own moon, its mood, its secrets. Moon Secret ring is a jewelry that will suit any mood. It perfectly complements the wardrobe. Decorate everyday looks so that even the most familiar outfits will sparkle in a new way.

  • Collection: A Touch of Sparkle;
  • Style: Trend;
  • Type: Rings;
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver;
  • Insert: Spinel stone; Color Black (19 pcs.);
  • Stone shape: Round;
  • Stone Cubic Zirconia CZ (24 pcs.); White color;
  • Stone shape: Round;
  • Jewelry weight: About 3.06 g.
  • Size: 9.63 (Width);
  • Manual work: Handmade Jewelry Finishing;

We will send your jewelry in a nice gift box: with a cleaning cloth for caring for it, in a box or storage bag and shipping packaging.

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